An Introduction to Queensland’s Amazing Features

courtesy-of-tourism-tropical-north-queenslandQueensland is one of Australia’s most populous cities. If you are still oblivious of what this north-east town has in store for you, then hopefully we can successfully convince you to book that plane ticket to Queensland and get your bags ready for a new kind of exploration. To say that Queensland is beautiful is underrated, it’s more than that!

WANDERING WITH MOTHER NATUREdaintree-national-rainforestOkay, you have heard about the Great Barrier Reef and about the Kangaroos as it is what advertisements often show when they’re introducing the place to the public. Sure, some well-known actors have also lived in here but did you know that it’s also where a lot of rainforests exist? We won’t judge if you don’t. But it is about time that you do. Explore the deepest parts of the jungle with professional guides and understand why nature can always defeat man-made creations when it comes to beauty and serenity. Whether it is the land or the water activity you prefer, there’s always something new to learn.

HOME OF THE LARGE THEME PARKScassowary-daintree-rainforestNamed as the theme park capital, Queensland is also where the major amusement parks are located such as Sea World, Dreamworld, and WhiteWater World. The Gold Coast isn’t going to let you feel bored because with Dreamworld alone, it will feel like you’re circling around the world literally. Of course, theme park attractions are also present. For example, in Wet N’ Wild, they have giant wave pools and newly built water slides and in Movie World, the greatest Warner Bros. characters are roaming around to impress kids and play with them.  

RICH HISTORY800px-statelibqld_1_159663_woody_point_shoreline_ca-_1876To honor Queen Victoria, the state was named Queensland and it is continuously making more history even on this day. Although it seems like Queensland has the richest soil where rainforests continuously grow, it actually experienced a five-year drought from 1898 to 1903, and it wasn’t even until 1870 that the free primary education was introduced to the country. These are just a few of the fun facts you’ll hear from its lively locals or from the people working at museums. Getting in touch with its history is another way to experience the beauty of the state.

BEACHES, BEACHES, BEACHES11Need we say more? Summer is just around the corner and so are the beaches in Queensland. From Palm Cove to Nudey Beach, spotting clear waters and radiant sands are easy. This is why it isn’t surprising that plenty of tourists gather here every year to party and get their tans. Even locals don’t get tired of its beaches so why should we? The visual delight you get from everything that these Queensland beaches has to offer can be easily captured.

Convincing someone to visit a place isn’t easy especially if the town barely has anything unique to offer. But with Queensland, it’s a different story. What makes it better is that booking for activities is also made easy through our website where tourists can score low-cost deals that won’t sacrifice the fun and comfort of their chosen activities!

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